New Indefinite Madness
D10 Flaw (lasts until cured)
1 “I am obsessed with discovering the hidden meaning in seemingly random objects, such as shards of smashed glass.”
2 “Some event in my life never happened. I won’t acknowledge it or anything to do with it.”
3 “I can hear them whispering, always whispering. They’re loudest near corners of rooms and other angles in structures.”
4 “I constantly scrawl a certain set of strange glyphs without realizing it, sometimes even so far as to cut them into my own skin.”
5 “When I’m excited or upset, some of my words come out in a different language. One that I don’t actually speak or understand.”
6 “The trappings and symbol of a certain deity cause me great pain to look upon or touch.”
7 “Ordered collections of objects are fascinating, and I have to study and count them.”
8 “I collect strange or disgusting trinkets, such as teeth of creatures I kill or scrapings of dirt from everywhere I sleep.”
9 “The music is always with me, and I have to let it out. It doesn’t matter that no one else finds the song as beautiful as I do.”
10 “I hear scratching just on the other side of interior walls.”
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