Wondrous items

Alabaster Salt Shaker
Alchemical Lantern
Amulet of Memory
An’Ducyr, Treasure of the Khan
Ankh of Aten
Aperture Orb
Bag of Bramble Beasts
Bag of Traps
Baleful Wardrums
Band of Iron Thorns
Banner of the Fortunate
Bituminous Orb
Black Phial
Blinding Lantern
Blood Mark
Blood Pearl
Bloodwhisper Cauldron
Boots of Quaking
Boots of Solid Footing
Boots of the Swift Striker
Bracelet of the Fire Tender
Brass Clockwork Staff
Brass Snake Ball
Broken Fang Talisman
Broom of Sweeping
Brotherhood of Fezzes
Buckle of Blasting
Burglars Lock and Key
Carriage of Whispers
Catalyst Oil
Cauldron of Curious Smelting
Celestial Sextant
Censer of Dark Shadows
Challenger's Drinking Horn
Charm of Restoration
Charred Star
Chronomancer’s Pocket Lock
Circlet of Holly
Clawed Scepter
Cloak of the Elements
Cloak of the Grizzlehide
Cloak of the Inconspicuous Rake
Cloak of the Rat
Clockwork Gauntlet
Clockwork Hand
Clockwork Monkey
Clockwork Mynah Bird
Clockwork Pendant
Clockwork Seige Crab
Clockwork Spider Cloak
Cloud Feather Token
Coat of Dust and Ash
Coffer of Memory
Comfy Slippers
Corpsehunter’s Medallion
Dark of the Moon Token
Eagle Cape
Earrings of the Agent
Ebon Shards
Eclipse Talisman
Elemental Wraps
Emerald Scarabs
Emerald Tablets
Enchanter’s Calipers
Exsanguinating Blade
Exsanguinating Tome
Eye of Horus
Eyes of the Outer Dark
Eyes of the Owl
Fanged Mask
Farhealing Bandages
Feather Token (World Tree Sapling)
Ferryman’s Coins
Flask of Epiphanies
Fungal Flyer
Ghoul Light
Gliding Cloak
Gloves of the Magister
Goggles of Shade
Granny Wax
Grasping Cap
Green Mantle
Gunterns Guide to Gruesome Greenery
Hallowed Effigy
Hand of the Plague Bearer
Hangman’s Noose
Hat of Mental Acuity
Helm of Loki
Honey Buckle
Honey Trap
Incense of Recovery
Ioun Stone, Emerald Shard
Iron Nimbus
Jerky of Desperate Strength
Jungle Mess Kit
Keffiyeh of Serendipitous Escape
Key of Veles
Lantern of Judgement
Ley Portal Amulet
Lifeblood Gear, Small
Locket of Dragon Vitality
Lodestone Caltrops
Magma Mantle
Mantle of Blood Vengeance
Mantle of the Forest Lord
Mantle of the Mother
Mayhem Mask
Memory Philter
Mi-Go Neural Agonizer
Mock Box
Mongrelmaker’s Handbook
Monkey’s Paw of Fortune
Moon Through the Trees
Moonfield Lens
Moonlit Ward
Necklace of Monsters
Neutralizing Bead
Nithing Pole
Nullifier’s Lexicon
Orb of Enthralling Patterns
Pâté of Complacent Purpose
Phase Mirror
Philter of Memory
Plumb of the Elements
Plunderer’s Sea Chest
Pocket Oasis
Primal Doom
Primordial Pods
Resolute Bracer
Rift Orb
Ring of Giant Mingling
Sacred Vessel Skulls
Sacrificial Newborn Pegasus
Sanguine Tear
Scarf of Deception
Scorch Bomb
Scorpion Feet
Scoundrel’s Gambit
Scourge of Devotion
Scrimshaw Comb
Selket’s Bracer
Shadowhound’s Muzzle
Sheeshah of Revelations
Shifting Shirt
Shoes of the Shingled Canopy
Sibilant Glyph Armor
Silvered Oar
Skittering Skiff
Skull Seed
Sleeping Sand
Slippers of the Cat
Song-Saddle of the Khan
Spark of Defiance
Spear of the Western Whale
Spice Box of Zest
Spicebox Spoon
Spider Grenade
Stonechewer Gauntlets
Sturdy Scroll Tube
Tactile Unguent
Tailor’s Clasp
Talking Torches
The Black Goat Wizard's Folio
Tick Stop Watch
Tome of Bound Flesh
Tome of Time
Umbral Lantern
Verses of the Deathbringer
Vial of Sunlight
Voidskin Cloak
Ward Against Wild Appetites
Wendigo Tallow Candle
Whispering Powder
Wine of the Court
Wine of the River

Mundane items


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