Wand of Bristles

Wand of Bristles

Wand, rare (requires attunement)

This wand is made from the bristles of a giant boar bound together with magical, silver thread. It weighs 1 pound and is 8 inches long. The wand has a strong boar musk scent to it, which is difficult to mask and is noticed by any creature within 10 feet of you that possesses the Keen Smell trait. The wand is comprised of 10 individual bristles, and, while holding it, you may use your action to remove bristles to invoke one of the following effects.

Ghostly Charge (3 bristles). You toss the bristles towards one creature you can see. A phantom giant boar charges 30 feet toward the creature. If the phantom’s path connects with the creature, the target must succeed on a DC 14 Dexterity saving throw or take 2d8 force damage and be knocked prone.

Truffle (2 bristles). You plant the bristles in the ground to conjure up a magical truffle. The mushroom can be consumed to restore 2d8+1 hit points.

So long as the wand has 1 bristle remaining, it regrows 2 bristles daily at dawn. Using the last bristle destroys the object.

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