Six Fabled Elixirs

Alkemancers are responsible for the creation of many astonishing alchemical items, but the pinnacle of their craftsmanship is known collectively as the Six Elixirs, magical liquids of such incredible power and rarity that they feature in many tales and legends. Vast resources and even many lives have been expended in the pursuit of these fabled elixirs. A single elixir could be the focus of an entire campaign arc for an alkemancer character or group of adventurers.

Brewing any one of the Six Elixirs takes one year of work with rare, mysterious, and sometimes dangerous ingredients. The ingredients needed to create each elixir are listed in the description. GMs can add or remove ingredients as they see fit to meet the demands of their campaigns.

Black Elixir
Golden Elixir
Iron Elixir
Jade Elixir
Pearl Elixir
Ruby Elixir

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