Plunderer’s Sea Chest

Plunderer’s Sea Chest

Wondrous item, rare

This oak chest, measuring 3 feet by 5 feet by 3 feet, is secured with iron bands depicting naval combat and scenes of piracy. The sea chest opens into an extradimensional space that can hold up to 3,500 cubic feet or 15,000 pounds of material. The chest always weighs 200 pounds, regardless of its contents.

Placing an item in the sea chest follows the normal rules for interacting with objects. Retrieving an item from the chest requires you to use an action. When you open the chest to access a specific item, that item is always magically on top.

If the chest is destroyed, its contents are lost forever, though an artifact always turns up again, somewhere. If a bag of holding, portable hole, or similar object is placed within the sea chest, that item and the contents of the chest are immediately destroyed, and the magic of the chest is disrupted for one day after which the sea chest resumes functioning as normal.

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