Locket of Dragon Vitality

Locket of Dragon Vitality

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

Legends tell of a dragon whose hide was impenetrable and so tenacious that only a blow to the heart would kill it. An unnamed hero finally defeated it and tore its heart into two. The dragon’s name was lost, but its legacy remains. This magic amulet is one of two items that were crafted to hold its heart. An intricate engraving of a warrior’s sword piercing a dragon’s chest is detailed along the front of this untarnished silver locket. Within the locket is a clear crystal vial with a pulsing piece of a dragon’s heart. The pulses become more frequent when you are close to death.

Attuning to the locket requires you to mix your blood with the blood within the vial. The vial holds 3 charges of dragon blood that are passively consumed upon reaching certain health thresholds. Dragon blood charges are regained when slaying any dragonkin and draining its heart’s blood into the vial. While attuned, you gain the following effects:

When you reach 0 hit points, but do not die outright, the vial will break and the dragon heart will stop pulsing, rendering the item broken and irreparable. You immediately gain temporary HP equal to your level + your Constitution modifier. If the locket has at least 1 charge of dragon blood, it does not break, but it can’t be activated again for 1d4 + 1 days. Upon reaching half of your maximum HP, you passively consume a charge of dragon blood and gain immunity to any type of blood loss effect for 1d4+1 hours. Any existing blood loss effects end immediately when this activates.

Dragon Heart Ritual: If you are also attuned to the sword of volsung, you may drain 3 charges of the locket into the sword of volsung, rendering this item broken and irreparable but passively gaining its effects while attuned to the sword. This requires a long rest where you attune with the new sword of volsung.

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