Hand of the Plague Bearer

Hand of the Plague Bearer

Wondrous Item (requires attunement)

When you attune yourself to the hand of the plague bearer, you cannot get rid of it.

On your turn as a bonus action, you may reach out and touch an adjacent ally with the hand. If you do, name one curse, disease, or condition affecting that ally and make a DC 10 Charisma saving throw.

On a success, one finger of the hand absorbs the curse, disease, or condition, curing that ally. Write the name of the absorbed affliction down. On a failure, the hand still absorbs the curse, disease, or condition as above. However, the hand animates immediately afterward and strangles you for one round, inflicting 4 (1d8) points of bludgeoning damage and inflicting any afflictions upon you it has already absorbed. You suffer each affliction borne by it until you finish a short rest.

When the hand has absorbed five afflictions, it withers away to dried maggots (but not before it chokes the attuned character and inflicts all five afflictions if the Charisma saving throw was failed).

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