Ebon Shards

Ebon Shards

Wondrous Item, very rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster of evil alignment)

The ebon shards were gifted to the Chosen of the Demon Bat by their mi-go allies. They comprise an unusual form of spellbook.

Held in a bag of tanned human skin, these shards of obsidian appear to be pieces of a larger tablet or set of tablets. The fragments are engraved with words in Deep Speech as well as various runes and arcane symbols. Their presence causes a feeling of anxiousness in non-Evil, intelligent creatures. Rusty lines and patches of dried blood cover the shards, and anyone who handles them without gloves receives shallow cuts on the hands and fingers. Although painful, the handler somehow feels more comfortable reading the shards after having bled on them.

The writing on the shards is obscure, esoteric, and possibly incomplete. It explores the metaphysical concept of darkness as a continual, unending force unimpeded by physical barriers or the natural laws of the universe. With the proper orientation, will, and training, one can travel from darkness to darkness as easily as one would walk down a road. Recurring in the writings is a being—sometimes a guardian, sometimes a guide—known as Death on White Wings, who leads the worthy through darkness to rewards beyond mortal conception while devouring the unworthy, body and soul. Other portions of the writings speak of using pain as a focus to gather will and power, converting agony into strength.

The shards provide the user with access to a powerful array of void magic spells. The bearer can cast the following spells, without material components and using Charisma as his or her casting ability.
At will: crushing curse* (or ray of frost)
3/day each: maddening whispers*, void strike* (or hold person, vampiric touch)
1/day each: living shadows* (or black tentacles)
*See Deep Magic 3: Void Magic for full details on these spells. Otherwise, use the alternatives.

Each time the bearer uses the ebon shards to cast a spell, he must make a successful DC 12 Charisma saving throw or take 7 (2d6) psychic damage.

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