Clockwork Mynah Bird

Clockwork Mynah Bird

Wondrous item, rare

Another Mubarak al-Hariq creation, this mechanical brass bird is nine inches long from the tip of its beak to the end of its tail. If you use your action to speak the first command word (“listen” in Ignan), it cocks its head and listen intently to what is being said for up to 10 minutes. When you give the second command word (“speak”), it will repeat back what it has heard in a metallic- sounding—though reasonably accurate—portrayal of the speakers’ voices.

You can use the clockwork mynah bird to relay conversations it has heard to others. You can command the mynah to fly to a location it has previously visited, where your friend or contact can use the command word to get it to repeat back what it has heard. The mynah bird returns to you as soon as it has carried out this task.

The clockwork mynah bird has AC 14, 1 hp, and a fly speed of 50 ft.

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