Weapon (longbow), rare (requires attunement)

A fresh bloodbow is carved of a light, sturdy wood such as hickory or yew, but to reach its full potential, a bloodbow must be stained in the blood of creatures it has slain. You’re more likely to see a bloodbow in a deep maroon hue, lacquered and aged under layers of sundried blood and sometimes embellished with dragonborn teeth, centaur tails, or other battle trophies. Archers use these weapons to make their enemies’ blood boil into madness.

Bloodbows affect creatures of the type with whose blood the weapon was last soaked. When you make a ranged attack roll with this magic weapon against a creature of that type, you have a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. If the attack hits, your target must succeed a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or become enraged until the end of your next turn. While enraged, the target suffers a short-term madness effect.

Bloodbows most commonly are soaked in the blood of bandits, dragonborn, and other humanoids. If you soak this weapon in the blood of a different creature type, the bloodbow immediately ceases to affect the previous type. The bow affects the new type after a long rest.

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