Hunt Domain

Hunt Domain

The Wild Hunt and other entities devoted to hunting value champions who aid skillful hunters or who lead hunts themselves. Similarly, deities focused on protecting outlier settlements or who promote strengthening small communities also value such clerics. While these clerics might not have the utmost capability for tracking and killing prey, their gods grant them blessings to ensure successful hunts. These clerics might use their abilities to ensure their friends and communities have sufficient food to survive difficult times, or they might enjoy the sport of pursuing and slaying intelligent prey.

Hunting Domain Spells

Cleric Level Domain Spells
1st bloodhound, illuminate spoor
3rd instant snare, mark prey
5th going in circles, tracer
7th heart-seeking arrow, hunting stand
9th harrying hounds, maim

Blessing of the Hunter

At 1st level, you gain proficiency in Survival. You can use your action to touch a willing creature other than yourself to give it advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks. This blessing lasts for 1 hour or until you use this feature again.

Bonus Proficiency

At 1st level, you gain proficiency with martial weapons.

Channel Divinity: Heart Strike

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to inflict grievous wounds. When you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can use your Channel Divinity to add +5 to the attack’s damage. If you score a critical hit with the attack, add +10 to the attack’s damage instead.

Pack Hunter

Starting at 6th level, when an ally within 30 feet of you makes a weapon attack roll against a creature you attacked within this round, you can use your reaction to grant that ally advantage on the attack roll.

Divine Strike

At 8th level, you gain the ability to infuse your weapon strikes with divine energy. Once on each of your turns when you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can cause the attack to deal an extra 1d8 damage of the same type dealt by the weapon to the target. When you reach 14th level, the extra damage increases to 2d8.

Deadly Stalker

At 17th level, you can use an action to describe or name a creature that is familiar to you or that you can see within 120 feet. For 24 hours or until the target is dead, whichever occurs first, you have advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks to track your target and Wisdom (Perception) checks to detect your target. In addition, you have advantage on weapon attack rolls against the target.

You can’t use this feature again until you finish a short or long rest.

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