College of Shadows

Bard College: College of Shadows

Shadowsingers undergo careful training before they’re sent out into the world. Skilled in both music and manipulation, they’re the perfect blend of charm and cunning. The tricks they learn in their tutelage make them ideal for the subtle work of coaxing out secrets, entrancing audiences, and dazzling the minds of their chosen targets.

Bonus Proficiencies: Starting at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with three skills of your choice.

Mantle of Shadows: Starting at 3rd level, you can spend an action to twist the shadows around you for 1 minute or until your concentration ends. For the duration, you gain advantage on stealth checks and you gain the benefits of three-quarters cover as the shadows themselves obscure your passing.

Lover’s Haste: Starting at 3rd level, you can dash as a bonus action while under the effects of Mantle of Shadows.

Cunning Insight: Starting at 6th level, you know exactly where to hit your enemies, so it will hurt the most. You spend an action focusing on a target after which the target must make a Wisdom Saving Throw vs. your Spell Save DC. On a failed save, choose one of the following:
• You gain advantage on your next attack roll against the target.
• You gain knowledge of the target’s damage vulnerabilities.
• You gain knowledge of the target’s damage resistances and damage immunities.
• You gain knowledge of the target’s condition immunities.
• You see through any illusions involving the target.

Shadowsinger: Your words are your power. Starting at 14th level, you are a master at weaving stories and influencing the minds of your audience. With the power of one performance, you can make or break someone’s reputation. You spend at least 1 minute performing, relaying a tale through song, poetry, play, or other medium. At the end of your performance, choose a number of humanoids who witnessed the entire performance, up to a number of 1 plus your Charisma modifier. Each target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw vs. your spell save DC. On a failed save, the target(s) suffers one of the following:
• They believe the tale you told is truth and will tell others the tale as if it were truth, even under magical compulsion.
• They believe someone in the room knows their darkest secret, and they are at disadvantage on all Charisma, Wisdom, and Intelligence ability checks and saving throws for the next hour as they are distracted and overcome by paranoia.
• They become convinced that you (or one of your allies if you choose to sing the praises of another) are a fearsome opponent. For the next minute, they are afraid of you (or your ally). In addition, you (or your ally) gain advantage on all attack rolls against them for the duration.

Remove curse or greater restoration ends the effects of this feature. Once you use this feature, you may not use it again until you complete a short or long rest.

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