Trophy Hunter

You hunt the mightiest beasts in the harshest environments, claiming their pelts as trophies and returning them to civilization for a profit or to decorate your lavish abode. You likely were set on this path since birth, following your parents on safaris and learning from their actions, but you may have instead come to this path as an adult after being swept away by the thrill of dominating the natural world.

Many big game hunters pursue their quarry purely for pleasure, as a calming avocation, but others sell their skills to the highest bidder in order to amass wealth and reputation as a trophy hunter.

Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Survival
Tool Proficiencies: Leatherworker’s tools, vehicles (land)
Equipment: A donkey or mule with bit and bridle, a set of cold weather or warm weather clothes, and a belt pouch containing 5 gp.

Feature: Shelter from the Storm

You have spent years hunting in the harshest environments of the world and have seen tents blown away by gales, food stolen by hungry bears, and equipment destroyed by the elements. While traveling in the wilderness, you can find a natural location suitable to make camp by spending 1 hour searching. This location provides cover from the elements and is in some way naturally defensible, at your GM’s discretion.

Suggested Characteristics

Most trophy hunters come from an affluent background, often using their parents’ wealth to fund their first few hunting trips. These hunters are often skilled hobbyists and find strange relaxation in the tension of the hunt and revel in the glory of a kill. You may find great personal joy in hunting, or you do it for the adoration of peers or simply to make gold by selling pelts and ivory, like a common poacher.

1 Nothing gets my blood pumping like stalking a wild animal.
2 I like things big! Trophies, big! Food, big! Money, houses, weapons, possessions, I want ‘em big, big, BIG!
3 When hunting, it’s almost as if I become a different person. Focused. Confident. Ruthless.
4 The only way to kill a beast is to be patient and find the perfect moment to strike. The same is true for all the important things in life.
5 Showering is for novices. I know that to catch my smelly, filthy prey, I must smell like them to throw off their scent.
6 I only eat raw meat. It gets me more in tune with my prey.
7 I’m a connoisseur of killing implements; I only use the best, because I am the best.
8 The sight of a beast inspires in me terrible fury. I want nothing more than to slaughter every last one of them!
1 Ambition. It is my divine calling to become better than my rivals by any means necessary. (Chaotic)
2 Altruism. I hunt only to protect those who cannot protect themselves. (Good)
3 Determination. No matter what the laws say, I will kill that beast! (Chaotic)
4 Cruelty. My prey lives only for my pleasure. It will die exactly as quickly or as slowly as I desire. (Evil)
5 Sport. We’re just here to have fun. Don’t get your knickers in a twist! (Neutral)
6 Family. I follow in my family’s footsteps. I will not tarnish their legacy. (Any)
1 I like hunting because I like feeling big and powerful.
2 I hunt because my father thinks I’m a worthless runt. I need to make him proud.
3 I was mauled by a beast on my first hunting trip. I’ve spent my life searching for that monster.
4 The first time I drew blood, something awoke within me. Every hunt is a search for the original ecstasy of blood.
5 My hunting companions used to laugh at me behind their backs. They aren’t laughing anymore.
6 A close friend funded my first hunting expedition. I am forever in their debt.
1 I’m actually a sham. All of my trophies were bagged by someone else. I just followed along and watched.
2 I’m terrified of anything larger than myself.
3 I can’t express anger without shooting something.
4 I need money. I don’t care how much or how little I have, I need more. And I would do anything to get it.
5 I am obsessed with beauty in animals, art, and people… and I don’t take no for an answer.
6 I don’t trust my hunting partners, those feckless, glory-stealing freeloaders!
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