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For players, there's the subclasses, feats, races, backgrounds, spells, rituals, runes, celestials, and beasts.

For GMs, there's a list of adventures, monsters (so many monsters!), items, poisons, and traps.

You can also browse OGL content by publication.

Files for apps and software.

The following have files for import:

What is this?

This is all the OGL content from the publications available at https://koboldpress.com/kpstore/.

Why are things missing?

I'm taking a very broad definition of OGL declarations. There's two big things that are keeping a lot of content out.

  1. NPCs vs Monsters.
    A lot of OGL declarations refer to monsters, and the publication has NPC sections outside of the main "monster" section. The Product Identity section pretty much invariably designates "characters" as Product Identity and the 'C' in "NPC" stands for "character". Until I hear differently from OD/KP, generic NPCs will not be included.
  2. Unique monsters. Demon lords, fey lords and ladies, arch-devils… because these are singular, they fall afoul of two bits, the "characters" and the "proper names".

Basically, I'm taking the broadest possible meaning in the OGL and applying that.

So this can all be freely copied?

No. Not only would you need to copy the entire OGL declaration (which is huge), I am not a lawyer. I'm especially not your lawyer. Some of the text in the Product Identity statement I don't completely understand. "Place names", "plots", "story elements", and "locations" are the biggest ones. Many of the descriptions of things mention things that could be interpreted as being these things. I have no idea if my decisions would be upheld in court. If you're using the text at your table in your game, it's unlikely that "they" would come after you. If you put it in something you make money off of on the other hand (and this may even include web advertising, I don't know), they may feel differently. If you want to include this in your app, program, website, book, adventure, etc, you should get a lawyer and talk to the rights holders. Don't think that because some random person on the internet said this was covered by the OGL that person is right.

So what about the non-OGL content then?

The Product Identity used on the site is hopefully covered under the Kobold Press community use policy. The product list hasn't been updated since before 5th edition, and I own very few of the products for Pathfinder or previous versions, but I expect things like place names, locations, and story elements to be the same as items on that list.

Why this is a closed wiki?

There are fairly dire consequences associated with making the copyrighted materials of publishers available for free. Allowing anonymous editors would make the situation even more complicated. To avoid this, only registered users can edit or create pages. That said, I'm happy to have other registered users, just drop me a note. Be aware though that it's likely you will be personally responsible for any content you add to the wiki.

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